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Friday, July 22, 2016


I actually pretty much watched the entirety of Donald Trump's acceptance speech yesterday, not that I particularly wanted to, but it was just one of those circumstances when I was waiting to go to dinner and had nothing better to do.  I did take a couple of cat naps and was generally uninspired by his rhetoric.  I had this uncomfortable feeling that I was viewing the development of a modern-day Hitler.

In fact, Bernie Sanders tweeted, 

     Is this guy running for president or dictator?  

The O'Jays decried the use of their Love Train as Trump Train.  They actually were asked to appear at the Republican National Convention, but declined.  Eddie Levert and Walter Williams explained why:

I think he just may be the antichrist.

They did indicate that they would be willing to be part of the upcoming Democratic National Convention, which begins Monday from Philadelphia.

This is oh so reminiscent of George H.W. Bush in 1988 being condemned by Bobby McFerrin for using Don't Worry, Be Happy as a campaign song.  The song was dropped.

These national conventions are supposed to unite parties.  The free opportunity for propaganda is priceless.  The Republicans are digging themselves a deeper and deeper grave, with Monday's Melania plagiarism, Wednesday's Cruz boo-off, and Trump's fascist spiel.  Click on that link to watch the full speech.

Tropical Storm Darby is at 60 MPH, and projected to weaken into the 50's soon, maintaining that speed as he skirts just north of the State of Hawaii.

However, a few models show Darby's eye to the south.  The danger is that that there are conflicting projections, so watch out for wind, waves and wain (also known as rain) beginning tonight on the Big Island, and over the rest of the islands through the weekend.  Further back are Estelle (weakening and moving northward), Frank (to attain hurricane strength) and Georgette (to become a Category 2)...all moving towards Hawaii:


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