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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Time to take stock of where we are today.  A few bon bons for your reading pleasure.

First, as predicted yesterday, South Korea elected its first female president, Geun-Hye Park, daughter of   Chung-hee Park, an army major-general who seized power in 1961 through a  military coup d'etat and ruled for 18 years.  He helped America by sending more than 300,000 Republic of Korea troops to Vietnam.   Geun Hye's mother, Chung-hee's wife, was shot and killed during an assassination attempt on Park in 1974.  He was murdered by the director of what is the equivalent of the CIA in the U.S., ending Park's leadership in 1979.  You can rightfully say that he initiated the Korean tiger economy.  President G-H Park is 60 years old and has an electrical engineering degree.

In my predictions at the end of December last year I thought that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez would not make it through this year as their leader  He was re-elected, but went back to Cuba to further treat his bout with cancer.  Unfortunately, in the hospital, he suffered a respiratory infection.  I am spooked about this ailment, for Pearl and Senator Dan Inouye died from pulmonary disorders, and George "the Elder" Bush and Nelson Mandela are afflicted with similar problems.

The name Sandy is rarely chosen these days for babies (#800 or so), but there will be even fewer in the years to come because of Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook Massacre.  #1 last year were Sophia and Jacob.  Patrick was #143.  Whoops, the 2012 list has Sophia and Aiden as #1.  Aiden??  I don't know of any.  I have grandniece named Sophia (although with an "f") with a middle name of Pearl and last name of Takahashi:

Evan has petered out north of New Zealand.


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