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Thursday, December 20, 2012

THREE DAYS OF PARTYING: Part 1--Morton's Steakhouse

Well, doomsday might be upon us.  Actually, of course, I don't believe this, but it's a good excuse for a few parties.  Tonight, I join my 95-year old colleague, Ed Jurkens, for our annual Morton's dinner.   Tomorrow night there is a real end of world gathering at the home of the Lieberts.  Then on Saturday, I celebrate the 50th anniversary of my marriage to Pearl.  She is, of course, not here anymore, but how often does anyone have a chance to commemorate half a century of such a relationship?

As this Fall I have stayed at a hotel in Honolulu whenever I had an "event," I checked into the Ala Moana Hotel.  I wasn't aware this was an Outrigger, which has a rich history.  Bob Sigall had a nice retrospective last week in the Star-Advertiser.  Richard Kelley began renting a small room in his home just about 80 years ago, which officially led in 1947 to the first Outrigger hotel.  The company now has 16 properties on Oahu, 16 on the neighbor islands and 9 around the world.

Anyway, for the price (relatively inexpensive), the rooms look nicely updated, and there is easy convenience to the Hawaii Convention Center and Ala Moana Shopping Center, where Morton's is located.  The internet connection is excellent, and, maybe even free.  Last year this hotel took first place as Hawaii's Best Value.  Here is my view, with Magic Island in the background, my "bento under a coconut tree" lunch site a couple of times a month.  I sit under that third tree from the left.

Dinner at Morton's was terrific.  The place was filled, service was exceptional and food excellent.  We  started with gin martinis, followed by glasses of "more expensive" Cabernet Sauvignon and shared a Morton's salad plus potato dish.  Ed had a filet mignon and I had a 24 ounce Porterhouse.  Amazingly enough, I finished my steak.  This is the fabled Ed Jurkens, who will be 95 in three days. A few weeks ago he drove a thousand miles from Albuquerque to somewhere in the Midwest in two days.  He finished the whole steak.

We then went over to his apartment for a finishing cognac.  He conveniently lives across the street at 1350 Ala Moana.  I then on my walk back to the Ala Moana Hotel had visions of having a drink at Pearl's, after all, this is what this weekend is all about.  But, instead, I returned to my room to complete this posting,  But tomorrow, a doomsday party.  How much more exciting can life get?


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