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Saturday, December 22, 2012


This is part three of partying.  Life is, indeed, terrific.

Pearl and I were married exactly 50 years ago today.  I organized a day of her (but maybe mostly my) favorite foods, ending with an ultimate meal to commemorate this occasion.  She'll be here in spirit.  
For breakfast I had a third of an apple.  I have a huge day of eating today.  As Pearl liked going to Bravo, I had a spaghetti lunch with a Caesar salad and glass of Chianti.  The service here is efficient and friendly.  When you sit, they immediately bring a basket of hot garlic rolls, which are absolutely fabulous.  Within two minutes of the order, the following arrived:

Just as I remembered.  Excellent!

I was cleaning my car yesterday, and noticed I had a three year old letter from Anna Miller's indicating that I could pick up a whole pie for free.  As this restaurant is located just above Bravo, I wondered if this offer was still available.  Incredibly enough, I was cheerfully given the following macadamia nut cream pie at no cost.  This was one of Pearl's favorites.  There must have been at least a whole can of mac nuts on the pie!

For dinner I indulged in a once in life time splurge.  Here are some of the items I purchased:

Let me start with the drinks.  A five ounce glass of 2003 Dom Perignon costs $35.  An ounce  of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac is about $85.  I toyed with getting a bottle of Chateau d'Yquem, but that sauternes is merely one third the price of that cognac, which is produced from champagne grapes in Cognac, France.  Louis XIII is a blend 40 to 100 years old.  Amazingly enough, this elixir at Don Quixote in Honolulu was cheaper than if purchased online from  The bottle is manufactured by Baccarat.  Cognacs in glass are ageless. The Martin family supposedly had a close connection with King Louis XII during the Baroque Era, but the king passed away in 1643, while the company was not founded until 1724.

This was a 2003 Dom Perignon.  My 50th Anniversary extravaganza at sunset:

I toasted in white truffle butter some French bread.  On top went a sour cream spread, chopped onions, and caviar, with a squeeze of lemon.

The sashimi was chu-toro, the belly of a large blue-fin tuna.  This is becoming a threatened species, so I should be more responsible, and will do what I can to save this fish in the Ultimate Ocean Ranch.

The green stuff below the sashimi is zuiki, a plant that looks like taro. While the price of $32/pound seems exorbitant, keep mind that the most expensive beef in Tokyo specialty shops can cost almost $300/pound:

I fried a piece of fresh goose foie gras in butter, complemented by black truffles and sliced white onions.  I topped the FG with a pomelo / li hing mui compote (same combination that went into the Pearl Martini).

I then watched the stars pop up over a cognac infused Gurkha Churchill, and a bit more of the 13th.

With my thumb now mostly okay and  Humanity surviving Doomsday, life can't get much better.


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