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Sunday, December 16, 2012


My Sunday walk today was to Foster Botanical Garden, located less than a mile down the road from my apartment.  I picked up a Zippy's Vic Pac (named for Shane Victorino, who was just traded from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Boston Red Sox, and now makes $13 million/year) and an appropriate hidden beverage:

As you walk into the garden, you are greeted by this holiday melange:

You are then met by their signature Bodhi Tree:

which was planted in 1913 in the yard of the mysterious Mary Foster (right--her younger sister became Victoria Ward--who had seven daughters, and they lived in that scary Ward Estate--made memorable in the song Old Plantation--which became the Blaisdell Concert Hall and Arena), as a cutting from one in Sri Lanka, which is traced to the original under which Buddha reached enlightenment in India about 2500 years ago.  Her home became Foster Botanical Garden.  She also in 1889 provided the funds to build the first Buddhist temple in Honolulu, the Honpa Hongwanji Mission.  All this Hawaiian history, and new to me!!!

To my surprise, a cousin of THE Gold Tree (Tabebuia donneli-smithii), was blooming, the  Tabebuia chrysea.  

And the flower (that yellow one to the left) is almost exactly the same as the Gold Tree:

However, like the Thai National Tree, this cousin has thin long pods.  Let me end with some colors:


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