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Monday, December 24, 2012


It's Christmas Eve, and the last thing I want to do is to pile on the manger and more good cheer.  So, I start the final week of 2012 with the "best" music of the year.

First, Carly Rose (anxiously awaiting with Britney Spears), like Susan (with her stunning performance of "I Dreamed a Dream;" plus experience Anne Hathaway's tearful version in Les Miserables, opening tomorrow), Jackie (remember, she was then 10) and Song-Bong, came in second.  Carly Rose will do fine, as have and/or will the other runner-ups.

The viral sensation of the year no doubt was Psy doing Gangnam Style.  More than a billion clicks now (1,040,000000 at this point).  Adele's 21 sold more than 10 million copies, and the following Rolling in the Deep was visited nearly 400 million times.  She was 21 when this album was being produced:

This was a big year for 23 year old Taylor Swift.  Her top hit of the year, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, was her first Billboard #1, which just topped 100 million on You Tube.  Her songs seem to be in a rut of bad loves.  Explains all her boyfriends (13 in 4 years).  Ah, I get it!  She uses them to inspire her next song.  The best selling album of 2012 could be Swift's Red, and if not, it will be 21.

Frank Ocean, 25, was once Chrisopher Breaux in New Orleans.  Strange, can't put my finger on it, but last year he plagiarized the Eagle's "Hotel California (here is their 1994 7+ minute version)," calling it American Wedding for his album, Nostalgia.  He soon will be, I think, but has not yet, sued.  His big album this year is Channel Orange.

The song of the year could well be Gotye's (leftSomebody That I Used To Know, approaching 400 million contacts, and covered by Walk Off the Earth, 150 million pings.

Then there was Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe (400 million links):

Finally, after all, this is a blog site on Planet Earth and Humanity, death and life, sustainability and peace, progress and freedom.  This half an hour video, KONY 2012, is approaching 100 million looks, but expires at the end of this year.  That is the notorious Joseph Kony to the left.  Who is Jacob?  Click on that link.

Well, this is Christmas Eve, so something more upbeat.  Watch Felix Baumgartner fall 24 miles.

Well, that was kind of boring, actually, so, finally, NORAD tracking Santa.

And speaking of boring, except for Christmas Eve, in 55 years of tracking, the North American Aerospace Defense Command has not detected anything noteworthy, with nothing serious on the horizon into the foreseeable future.  Even the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence teams have only been at it for 52 years.  But something could happen today!  Merry Christmas.


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