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Sunday, December 9, 2012


My worst experience with salmon is that I once went to Alaska during the period of the longest day of the year, where it never gets dark, and went salmon fishing.  Did not catch any.  However, I was influenced to purchase one, had it cleaned, placed in a styrofoam chest with dry ice, and took it home with me.  I went to Safeway the following week and saw that this same fish was $3.50/pound.  I paid around $30/pound.

On that note, I started my Sunday with half a papaya, with two tablespoons of my special pomelo / li hint mui mixture:

I used this concoction in my Pearl Martini.  Perfect combination.  Salmon coming, but first, my movie today.

I now just hate vampire and werewolf films.  Sure, I went to those Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney versions, but I grew up.  However, there is now a popular movie entitled, A Werewolf Boy playing, made in South Korea.  I thought this was a play on words, for Koreans don't know anything about fictional werewolves.  Wrong!  This was a werewolf movie.  Not great, but somewhat interesting.  Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 50% audience rating.  About right, although this film is really popular in Korea.  I've never been to a Twilight yet, so I'll write a combined review with Breaking Dawn next week.

I then went for a walk up the hill from my apartment.  I find that I can sleep better with some strenuous exercise.  Just a bit up Nuuanu Avenue/Pali Highway was this magnificent Chinese Buddhist Church:

Then a series of consulates.  Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea:

I've always admired the orchid tree, more accurately Bauhinia blakeana.  All these trees originated in the Hong Kong Botanic Garden:

I was the creator and chef for my best salmon meal.  I'll keep it simple.  Fry half a dozen garlic cloves in coconut oil, toss in the salmon, and top with white truffles, basil pesto sauce, capers and french fried onions.

Accompanied by a sashimi (toro) salad, rice and glass of Stanford Highway 12 2009 Sonoma Meritage (just arrived two weeks ago), for now I'll call it Salmon Pearl.  Next time I'll have this with a Pearl Martini.


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