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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The morning paper wrote on Sable the cat in the state of Washington.  He daily, even on weekends, serves as the crossing guard mascot of Enterprise Middle School.

One day a few years ago, he jumped over a fence and appeared in the yard of the Morrisons.  They fed him, and he stayed.  Actually, it was only a year ago that this family moved to West Richland, across the street from this school.  To quote:

Each morning and afternoon--in rain, snow or sunshine--the 15-year old cat goes out to watch the school's students wearing a neon orange safety vest...

He earned from the school an "Honorary Safety Patrol Member" certificate.

So is Sable the equivalent of a 105 year old human?  You, know, that 7-year multiplier also applied to dogs?  Here is one estimate:

Cat Age     Human Age
6 months     15 years
1 year           24 years
2 years         28 years
3 years         32 years
4 years         36 years
5 years         40 years
6 years         44 years
7 years         48 years
8 years         52 years
9 years         56 years
10 years       60 years
11 years       64 years
12 years       68 years
13 years       72 years
14 years       76 years
15 years       80 years
16 years       84 years
17 years       88 years
18 years       92 years
19 years       96 years
20 years       100 years

Hmm, 15 year old human at 6 months.  Interesting.  But, according to this table, Sable is "only" 80 years old.

Here is "How to wrap Flippy for Christmas."  This got more than  7 million views, but, alas, Flippy is no longer with us.  And how not to.


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