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Monday, October 17, 2011


Before I leave Sweden, here are some interesting stats:

  -  This is the most unmarried country in the world with the smallest average household size of 2.1.

  -  It has the most multinational firms per capita in the world.  I guess socialism can also support free enterprise.

  -  They have the highest rate of female college graduates.

The cost of living index of Stockholm and London today is the same (121).  Gasoline in both cities costs nearly $8/gallon and a movie ticket slightly more than $15.  A cheap meal is 24% lower in Stockholm but 22% higher for mid-level restaurants. No info on high end.  However, the same McDonald's combo meal in Stockholm is 31% higher.  Rental rates (socialism) in Stockholm are less than half that of London.  Disposal income is 20% lower in Stockholm.

Can you believe that the COL in Sydney, Australia is 35% higher than New York City?  (If you're new to reading these blogs, just click on the bar graph above and the figure enlarges so you can read the details.)  My next stop is Sao Paulo (where gasoline is almost $7/gallon), whose COL is 8% higher than Rio (which is the following stop), slightly more expensive than New York.  If you want cheap, go to New Delhi.  Then again, maybe you shouldn't.  (This is amazing.  Normally people don't bother to comment on this daily blog.  Going back to my India Sucks posting, I just noticed it has 17 comments.)

Unemployment in the UK just hit a 17 year high, but at 8.1% is lower than the USA.  The following map shows the equivalent GDP of foreign countries, where Sweden is like North Carolina.

Hawaii is the same as Nigeria?

Anyway, my SAS flight is approaching Heathrow..

 ...and I'm now in London.

This will be my fourth day of this trip where my meals will all be free:  hotel room comes with breakfast, lunch on the plane and snacks at the Club Lounge with free drinks.  Tomorrow, I have lunch at St. John, #41 in the Pellegrino list of top 100 world restaurants.


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