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Saturday, October 29, 2011


You can't leave Buenos Aires without beef and tango.  There is a special quality to their meats.  The meal was excellent.  I'll still need to return and get their names correct, but here are a few of my tour group members:

Rosalia and Leonid from Russia, then, now, Syndney.  The following, Angie/Romy and  Joy/Elpido all  from Napa Valley:
A group with Jim and Rena of Saskatchewan in front:
John and Mary of Chicago, Jim and Sally of Dallas, Doug of Omaha and Olga of North Carolina:
Ila, Taramati and Kiritkumar:

I had a front row seat for the show:
I almost felt like a voyeur.  A great evening in Buenos Aires.

Finally, there is the traditional pampas tour, which includes a barbeque:

Lunch with Joe and Hannah of Florida:

and Frank and Sylvia of Texas:

There is even a tango show:

As at the tango show, they are awfully generous with their wines and beer.  As much as you want.  And, finally, horses:

Definitely, there is a limit to how much you can take in beef, drinks and magnificent falls.  Next, on to Peru and Machu Picchu.


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Jorge Ramiro said...

I had been in the same "estancia", I think. The Quilmes bear and the tango show, at least the tango dancers where the same. My buenos aires apartment was near the Abasto, where is a lot of place where you can see good tango shows.