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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Iguassu (Iguazu) Falls is truly awesome, and my choice as the most extraordinary natural wonder of the world.  It is not today on the official list of seven, which has:

  -  Aurora Borealis
  -  Grand Canyon
  -  Paricutin ( Mexican volcano)
  -  Victoria Falls
  -  Mount Everest
  -  Great Barrier Reef
  -  Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

I've visited four of the seven, and just today came from Rio.  The Grand Canyon is inspiring, but Iguassu Falls has sound, motion, tactile feel and massiveness.  Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe--where Ed Jurkens is now visiting--I almost joined him, but chose Iguassa because I'm on my way to Machu Picchu) has only one fall.  Iguassu has 275.  I've been to Niagara Falls, which is only one-fourth the width and not as high.  Angel Falls in Venezuela is the highest, but is generally ranked #5 among falls.  You would have seen Iguassu in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (where the Soviets are the bad guys).  I'm not the only person who ranks Iguassu as the #1 falls.  I go further by saying it is the #1 natural wonder.  Below, my ceremony for Pearl.

Amazingly enough, in 2006, these falls were dry for several months.  Well, actually, water was still flowing, but the rate dropped from 62,000 cubic feet per second to 11,000 cf/s.

The  NEW 7 Wonders Foundation, incidentally, has the following current leading seven man-made wonders:

  -  Great Wall of China (500 to 200 BCE) (photo I took last year)
  -  Petra (Jordan, 1000 BCE)
  -  Christ the Redeemer (Brazil, 1931)
  -  Machu Picchu (1450, Peru)
  -  Chichen Itza (200, Mexico)
  -  Colosseum (80, Italy)
  -  Taj Mahal (1648, India)
  -  Great Piramid of Giza (2560 BCE, Egypt)

You have less than 16 days left to cast your vote!  By the end of this trip, Petra will be the only site I've not yet visited.


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Rogger Mcloud said...

What did you like the most, the Niagara falls or the Iguassu Falls. I have been in a apartment for rent buenos aires and then I took a bus to Iguassu. 15 hours, but it worth it.