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Thursday, October 13, 2011


My global adventure started in Bangkok.  I left just in time, as floods are nearing the city.  When I was there, Ayatthuya, located just north, was inundated.

Then I moved on to Tokyo.  My HuffPo of the day I left the city well summarizes the situation there.  Two days later, the Wall Street Journal reported that radioactive hot spots were found in Tokyo.  I seem to be leaving each city just in time.

Today was one of my most boring days I've ever had.  Loved it!  I actually look forward to these rarities, especially on this journey, as, while it was continuously raining since I got here, this morning was sparkling.  People here said it has been raining for months.  So I decided to go to Vondelpark and Artis Zoo.  To epitomize how slow this day was, here is about the most exciting photo I took, at the park:

This was my cheese sandwich and Merlot lunch (bo-o-o-ring):

Saw some fake tulips (they are in season in the Spring):

Then this strange bird from the zoo:

While Artis is a truly decent zoo, the admission fee is an indecent $25.  I then moved from the Pulitzer to the Sheraton Schiphol Airport Hotel.  The exit from this hotel is the entrance to the airport.  What a shopping area...BEFORE you check in is like Ala Moana Shopping Center, except more international.  They have what must be the largest Burger King there is, with seven long lines.  It is the only BK I know that never closes.  There is even a supermarket.  But why would anyone want to buy anything BEFORE checking in to fly off somewhere?

I depart Amsterdam tomorrow for Stockholm.  I wonder what will happen here then.  Boring actually is good when you travel.


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