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Saturday, October 8, 2011


My weekend postings tend to be non-scientific and fun.  Today, I thought I'd touch on four totally unrelated topics that interested me.  First, my Tokyo Westin breakfast:

I won't even try to explain.

Second, forget the above and accept the fact that you probably have from three to five pounds of bacteria in and on you, most in your intestinal tract.  If your body were the House of Representatives, the microbes would control, for there are ten times more of them than your body cells.  There are more, actually, for add viruses, archaea, worms and mites (on most of your forehead, honestly!).  This Scientific American contribution from Rob Dunn is extremely well written and truly gross.  It features Lady Gaga and French belly button bacteria.  One of my recent HuffPos talked about large numbers.  For example, there hundreds of billions of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy.  Well, your body hosts about a hundred trillion (multiply billion by a thousand) bacteria.

Third,  there are now between 12 and 20% of Americans who don't have a religion, a doubling in the past thirty years.  Probably has nothing much to do with better education or maturation of our society.  Cited are things like TV sport programs, higher divorce rates, gay marriage and more children born out of wedlock.  My chapter 5 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity provides the gory details, but you got to wonder why, double that number of scientists don't believe in God (and this number skyrockets to 95% for National Academy of Science biological members) and nearly 90% of French and Japanese say religion is unimportant.  Maybe this is why the USA is great.  We have a psychological crutch and can  pass on most of our guilt to some superior force.

Finally, Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman started his recent column with:

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear, but we may, at long last, be seeing the rise of a popular movement that, unlike the Tea Party, is angry at the right people.

He says that our ecoomic woes can be written in three acts:

a.  Bankers took advantage of deregulation (not said, but implied this was President Bush the Younger's fault) and lent recklessly.

b.  The bubble burst and these bankers were bailed out by us taxpayers.

c.  Economy rebounded and bankers showed their gratitude by turning on the people (us) who saved them.

The result was Occupy Wall Street, a protest that will insure (he also did not say this, but the message is clear) for the second term of Barack Obama (a movement he early recognized).

My Saturday ended with my usual free drink(s) at the Executive Club of the Tokyo Westin.  Then I went upstairs to Yebisu for a fantastic teppan yaki dinner.  Not quite the foie gras, lobster, wagyu beef prepared by the owner, with then Mayor Chihiro and Chisako Takeuchi at a surfing beach near Ago Town, but terrific nevertheless:

I show so many photos because any $400+ epicurean treat deserves them.  Tonight it was a choice between a $5 Burger King meal or the above.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try the hamburger.  

Two hurricanes popped up west of Mexico.  Both  Irwin and Jova will move east towards Mexico.


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