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Saturday, October 29, 2011


...for less than $100 was just experienced at La Bourgogne in Buenos Aires.  Recommended by our director Alejandro, this was an unexpectedly enjoyable experience.

As I have attempted to create at each new fusion restaurant, I had Lucio, the sommelier, combine an Argentinian bitter orange aperitif with champagne.  The name became obvious:  BOCA, because Boca Juniors is their particularly famous soccer team with Maradona.  Here with two free appetizers:

Three wines, as suggested by Lucio embellished this lunch:

  -  Sur de Los Andes Chardonnay
  -  Sur de Los Andes Malbec Grand Reserva
  -  Finca Domingo Torrontes

My meal started with a grand salad:

My ordering resulted in an overdose of green asparagus, here with the entre, a well prepared grouper:

The Morel mushrooms (raisin looking morsels) were the  highlight, for they concentrated the essence of the juices as I've never had before.  Then came one of those free dessert candy plates, which I had with a Luigi Bosca Gewurztraminer Seleccion de Giznos Nobles, an almost Chateau d'Yquem:

The chocolates were outstanding.  The whole meal, with tax and tip cost less than $100.  Yes, the best I've ever had for this price.



lucio said...

thank you for your visit. was a real pleasure for me been in your lunch


Thank you for your terrific sommerliership. I'll need to return someday.