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Saturday, October 29, 2011


San Paulo, a municipality of nearly 20 million, had an amazing cusine culture, and I need to someday return.  Rio could well be the greatest city on Planet Earth and most definitely is wonderful.  I LOVE BUENOS AIRES!  This is my third time here, and I finally got it.

Our tour group took the standard quick tour, and, let me start with a negative:  graffiti.  Ninety percent of Argentinians are Roman Catholic.  It's a long convoluted story, but let me just state that the walls of their churches are the target of continuous graffiti.  Each has a painter that has a lifetime job just covering them:

There is, of course, the Pink House, where their President operates.  Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, first female who was elected president in this country (Juan Peron's third wife just assumed the role after her husband passed away), who was just re-elected this week in a landslide.

You remember, of course Eva Peron (left), First Lady, circa 1950, made famous in Evita, first the Broadway show, then the movie, with Madonna (right) playing Eva.  Eva unfortunately died at the age of 33 from uterine cancer.  Her husband, Juan Peron, of course, was one of the most interesting people who ever lived, who was president of Argentina three times and also married thrice, Eva as his second (he was 23 years older) and his third, Isabel (a dancer, who was 35 years younger than Juan, became his wife only because the Catholic Church disapproved of his living with someone so young...and became president) still lives in Spain, and would be tossed in jail if she returned to Argentina.  What a country!

Here Eva is at the age of 15 when she left her wealthy home to become an actress:

Her life is told in Evita.  The Pink House, just below the clock, is where Madonna sang Don't Cry for Me Argentina:

Elaine Paige, of course, was the original Evita in the 1978 West End production.

Eva's body has travelled the world, and now is back in Buenos Aires.  Here with Olga:

In Buenos Aires, there is also Caminito:


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