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Friday, October 21, 2011


I did not realize that Sao Paulo is the seventh largest metropolitan area in the world with 19 million inhabitants (Tokyo is #1, approaching 35 million), with 1.5 million Japanese, a larger community than the entire population of Hawaii.  I have a tour of the city, so details tomorrow.

I did not have the dish above, but it comes from this article reviewing DOM, the #1 ranked restaurant in South American and #7 on the Pellegrino top 100 list.  You get the idea about the concept of this pioneering Brazilian-International fusion restaurant with this artistic composition, designed by Chef Alex Atala;

It was only a little more than three hours after landing from a 21 hour trip when I walked into DOM.  The welcome and service were impeccable.  Here is my chief interface, Bruno Esteban:

There is, apparently, no discernible dress code in Sao Paulo.  The table next to mine had five dressed in Che Guevara wear, and the young mother breast fed her baby twice, one from each.  I was tempted to take a photo.  Anyway, the ambience and food were spectacular.  DOM truly deserves that #7 rating.

I started with my third Caipirinha (a rum drink) of the day to start with their bread and assorted spreads:

They went out of their way to provide a glass each of their Brazilian wines:  Salton Virtude Chardonnay, 2009, 13%, and Luis Argenta cuvee Cabernet/Merlot, 2005, 13%.  I started with their cod brandade with marrow:

There was a Japanese touch here and was exquisite.  Next heart of palm with anchovy (their signature dish in 2007):

It kind of looks like a large cockroach, but was fabulous.  Finally, Bruno highly recommended their 2002 dish of the year, wild boar in a roti sauce with mushrooms and maize porridge:

Very filling (they could have reduced the porridge by a factor of two), but delectable and with only a very slight hint of gaminess.  Best boar I've ever had.  At this point I was absolutely stuffed, but had to try their special serving of cheeses and potato.  I remarked that all they had to do was french fry this concoction and they would have a fantastic crispy staple.

As exhausted as I was in a brand new country for me, I found the experience at DOM enjoyable and memorable.  I can very highly recommend this Chef Alex Atala masterpiece.  I predict #3 next year.  Tomorrow, I go to Mani, #74 on the S. Pellegrino list, which got me thinking, for the sparkling bottle I had was S. Pelligrino.  I wonder if this Italian mineral water is related to that British restaurant list.



Bruno Estebam said...

That's amazing, I like your blog a lot, and you can't bet you got a new reader, thanks a lot for your visit to D.O.M. Restaurant, hope to see you again.

Bruno Estebam said...

By the way, I didn't make a comment about that women who was nursing her baby, that was really funny, I did appreciate the Conversation with you today.


Bruno, you and Alex were the highlight of my trip thus of yesterday. However, you have a viable competitor in Mani. One of my next postings will review what is now "only" the #74 rated restaurant, where Helena and Glaucia were wonderful. But it does not matter who is best. The important trend is that it was once Paris, which shifted to Barcelona, but the future of the greatest cuisine could well be Sao Paulo, and you need half a dozen great restaurants to gain that honor. I will be back