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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Brazil is below average in Freedom of the Press with a rating of 44.  The USA is pretty good at 17 and Turkmenistan is worst at 96.  Scandinavia is uniformly free, with Finland #1 at 10.  The Sheraton arranged for me to experience Sao Paulo from a journalist's point of view,  led by Gil:

Our first sight was Hotel Unique, designed by Brazilian architect Ruy Otake:

Whose mother is Tomie responsible for:

and somehow was involved with:

There is a Japan Town, for there are more Japanese here than anywhere else than Japan:

I was then taken to a sprawling market, and saw for the first time in my life a natural cashew:

...which sits on top of a fruit (which returns tomorrow in my caipirinha).   No, this is not a spoof or joke.  This is real!

We passed by  a number of impressive churches, most Roman Catholic, as for example:

I'd swear these were Jacaranda trees, but Gil said these purple flowers came in different colors:

and were called something else.

Brazil is known for biofuels, and here is a typical gas station display:

I'm not absolutely sure, but the ethanol price is $4.25/gallon, while the gasoline, regular, is about $6/gallon.

Not a great way to end a posting, but, walking around Sao Paulo, I noticed an interesting service for dog owners...

...a doo doo drop.  Actually, into the evening I happen to have a drink and chat with two more journalists, Camila and Fabiano:

I can't safely state what these three journalist said, so let me stop here.  My next meal at Mani will be monumental.


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