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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is a reasonably serious, but popularized, blog on Planet Earth and Humanity.  Today, let me again wear my humanitarian hat and focus for the third time on Jackie Evancho.  You can click on the previous two for background, but Jackie is a contestant on America's Got Talent.  Last night she was boffo again, and read about her human interest competition with Alice Tan Ridley, a black, oldish (57), chubbyish, former New York City subway singer.  But there is more, for she is the mother of Gabourey Sidibe, the Academy Award Nominee for Best Actress for her role in Precious.

Aside from both being female, you can't find two more different singers.  Watch the performances of Jackie and Alice.  Remember, Jackie is 10 years old, and, unfortunately, tonight, Alice was eliminated.

How does Jackie compare to Julie Andrews at 12, Bubbles Silverman (also known as Beverly Sills) at 8 and Charlotte Church at 11?  Click on them.

I again predict Jackie will win, but can further indicate that one other sure finalist is Fighting Gravity. Who are they?  Only 13 Phi Kappa Alpha students from Virginia Tech who have never had a dance lesson nor any experience.  They are light illusionists.  Maybe also add Prince Poppycock, the male version of Lady Gaga, in a campy sort of way.

More feel good in the Dow Jones Industrials, which leaped 255 to 10,269, with world markets also almost all up.  Gold fell $3/toz to $1244 and crude oil is at $74/barrel.

There continue to be 7 storms (see the charts from my blog yesterday), but Hurricane Earl at 135 MPH looks particularly ominous.

The interesting coincidence is that Hurricane Earl, Typhoon Kompasu (Korea) and Tropical Storm Lionrock (China) will all make landfall at around the same time...although the eye of Earl might not technically touch the East Coast.

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