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Sunday, September 12, 2010


The Fall elections are here, and indications are that the Republicans will make a pretty good run at taking over the House of Representatives, but probably not the Senate.  If this were a presidential year, as unpopular as Barack Obama has become, his competition would have been Palin and Paul, so he would get re-elected.  No, that's Rand next to Sarah.  He is running for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky.  The Paul I meant is Ron Paul (below), Congressman from Texas and father of Rand.

There are 436 seats in the House, with 45 more Democrats.  Newt Gingrich today predicted that they could take up to 60 new seats, making this year more glorious than 1994 when they took over 54.  Then there are Democrats who say they will retain the majority, with listed reasons, just one primary one being, do you want John Boehner to be your Speaker?

I worked for a Democrat in the U.S. Senate and, being in Hawaii, I usually vote that way.  I kind of believe that there should be free trade and further lean in the direction of Republican views toward leaner governments, but just don't like their attitude on the environment, about war and lower taxes for the rich. You would think there are so few wealthy people, and a general support for things green, that Republicans should get blown out all the time.  After all, they were the ones who brought us to the brink of depression (again...remember 1929?), and Congressman Boehner himself keeps hammering for:

"...large tax cuts for the wealthy that would increase the budget deficit...and sharp spending cuts  that would depress the economy while doing little to improve budget prospects." 

But voters are swayed by family values, more security and less government, all Republican strengths.  For equal time, click on "What Do You Believe," written by a Republican.  

Final, there are the so-called independents who are not unlike me, and tend to vote against the establishment in cycles.  This Fall, they will largely vote Republican because they have forgotten most of the above and think that Democrats were responsible for the economic meltdown, high unemployment rate, terrible housing market and war in the Middle East.  Well, President Obama did re-start that one, and he just refuses to consider my 10% solution for peace.

Wow, Hurricane Igor is up to 135 MPH and looking ominous.  The models still predict, though, movement north and away from landfall.  

There remain those two other disturbances in the Atlantic, including one moving away from Africa and destined to become a hurricane by Wednesday.

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