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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Operation Iraqi Freedom is accomplished, but are we really out of the country?  For one, they have still not even formed a government, and the stalemate seems intractable.  For two, we still have 50,000 troops there, with daily casualties.

Have you noticed that whenever we lose a war, such as the one in Vietnam, we get kicked out and are gone.  We have zero military presence in that country.  Let's lose that war in Afghanistan as soon as possible to insure for a total pullout.  I just went to Vietnam...they like us much more than China. 

But this is where it gets insane.  We won World War II, and still have anywhere from 52,000 to 68,000 in Germany and 36,000 in Japan.  We won the Korean War and retain forces numbering 28,500, and a total of 47,000 just in East Asia.  Why???

Actually we have military troops in 135 countries...135 countries!  Why???

Read my HuffPo, The 10% Simple Solution for Peace.  We can begin cutting defense costs by bringing back our soldiers.

The Dow Jones Industrials went up 50(10,319), with world markets mostly in the positive.  Gold increased $6/toz to $1252 and crude oil is at $75/barrel.

Still seven ocean storms, with, in the Atlantic, Hurricane Earl (125 MPH), Tropical Storm Fiona (50 MPH) and Tropical Depression Gaston (35 MPH), all along similar paths.  Earl, though, looks dangerous, and any veering west will be calamitous:

That East Pacific storm is meandering, but those three West Pacific storms all made landfall:

1.  Typhoon Kompasu went right over Seoul, Korea, and is now a tropical storm at 55 MPH, headed for Hokkaido.

2.  Tropical Storm Lionrock just striking China at 55 MPH.

3.  Tropical Depression Ten at 35 MPH following the path of Kompasu, heading for Okinawa and to become a Typhoon by Sunday after passing Okinawa.


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