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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Tuvalu Renewable Hydrogen Mission

After arriving in Japan yesterday, my first meeting was with Choonueui Ham (Chairman), Hidekazu Kaneco (Movie Director) and Rina Ariizumi (Global Catalyst) of the Renewable Hydrogen Network (RHN).  They are producing a movie on renewable hydrogen for Tuvalu and wanted me to participate in their film.

As you know, Tuvalu, with a population of 12,000, is one of those Pacific islands at serious risk of being inundated by sea level rise.  Their maximum elevation is 15 feet, second lowest next  to the Maldives.  Tuvalu is a member of the United Nations.  

Their Minister of Public Utilities and Industry, Kausea Natano, last year announced their goal of attaining 100% renewable energy self-sufficiency by 2020 as a message to the World.  A cost of $20 million was suggested.  RHN would like Tuvalu to build their future through renewable hydrogen.  Why not go for the ultimate, now!  I admired their attitude and pledged total support for their effort.

Later today I am providing a seminar to the Japan Marine Technology Society on the Blue Revolution.

The Dow Jones Industrials dropped 23 to 10,835, but with one day to go, this could become the best September in more than 70 years.  It was two years ago (29September2008) that the Dow suffered its greatest one day loss, minus 778, in reaction to the House of Representatives rejecting the $700 billion bank bailout plan.  A market value of $1.2 trillion was lost that day.  World markets were also mostly down, with the exception of Japan and Hong Kong.  Of course, gold crept up to another all-time high, plus $1/toz to $1309, while crude oil seems to creeping up to $78/barrel (the Dated Brent Spot is at $80/barrel).

The disturbance that just soaked Cuba is now called Tropical Storm Nicole, and, now at 40MPH, might just skirt southern Florida.


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