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Monday, September 27, 2010


On my final evening in Honolulu before my global adventure, I gazed at the stars and planets, accompanied by a Bas-Armagnac Reserve and crystal cognac-infused Ghurka, with Hawaiian music in the background.  To the East was a magnificent Jupiter.  To the West, resplendent Venus (left) and, later,  hundreds of stars visible to the naked eye.  With the glare of city lights, that was rare.  Air quality must have been exceptional in the early evening, plus the Moon had still not appeared.  I then pulled out powerful binoculars and saw thousands.  I was tempted to bring out my Celestron to view millions, but Honolulu City Lights came on, Pearl's favorite song, so I continued to just enjoy the experience.  Aloha.

Up to now 20 countries in 30 hours.  (Box on right.)


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