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Sunday, January 3, 2010


I initiated my blog stock challenge on November 3 of 2008 (day Zero) when the market looked low. Of course, the Dow Jones Industrials dipped even further, so I did not jump in at the bottom. Anyway, my performance now shows a ratio of 2.14:

28643.85 1 61204.3 2.136734412
Zero 3-Jan-09
MSFT 20.25 195 30.48
GE 16.67 300 15.13
LMT 77.13 60 75.35
BA 44.17 90 54.13
UYM 13.37 300 32.23
F 1.9 3000 10
GM 1.38 1000 1.66

This means that from the original purchase price, cranking in the shares bought, the amount I invested has more than doubled. Of course, this was almost all because of Ford (F), and, as expected, the military industrial complex (General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Boeing) did not do so well. I show General Motors even though I sold that stock in June and bought Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Sirius. If I include these three stocks, the results are even better.

In any case, I initiated this effort to support companies involved with green energy technologies. I have been rewarded not because of my humanitarian instincts but only because I bought low. Common sense would argue that I should sell most of them now until the market dips again, as it will sometime this year. However, I'll keep them all and check every few months just for the fun of it all.

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