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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The following continues the serialization of Chapter 5 on religion from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, and more specifically, this is the second section regarding Jesus:

But Was There a Jesus (Part B)?

Here is one of nearly 150,000 pictures of Jesus from Photobucket:
jesus.jpg jesus image by Kyle_normy08

So, therefore, place yourself back to circa 50 AD. Nothing much can be found about Jesus. Conflicting descriptions can be unearthed about this individual, but absent any miracles and the connection with Son of God. Is it possible that a group, say, the Antioch Jesus Movement, sees an opportunity to spur something called Christianity? So they pick a mortal of those days who might just fit a concept called the Messiah. They borrow selectively from early Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican (nah, scratch this, Columbus came 1500 years later) and Greek writings to create the legend of Jesus Christ around a real-life martyr. He was in his prime at the age of 30, so they choose 30 AD as the founding of Christianity. Could this incredible PR ploy have started it all? Did all this lead to the Catholic Church of today!

As the story unfolds, Jesus was born a little more than a billion minutes (if you were born in the mid ‘70’s, you arrived a billion seconds) ago. It is said that St. Francis of Assisi in 1223 AD embellished the birth site into a Nativity scene, so our Christmas enactments almost surely do not represent an accurate portrayal. Further, this term “virgin,” is liberally used in ancient texts as unmarried or young, so we don’t need to unnecessarily scoff at the ridiculousness of Mary’s condition, for the mother of your Jesus was said to be 12 or 13 when pregnant and unmarried, which, in those days, could have meant death. So, along came Joseph. And, oh, that star was probably a conjunction of planets, not a supernova or comet, for these latter two indicate a coming disaster. Then, again…

By any comparative standard, fictional or real, Jesus is as significant as any human can get, for Christmas, his birth date, is widely celebrated, and the year 2008 means 2008 years since he was born. Yet, this can get complicating, for you will find BC (before Christ), BCE (before common era), AD (anno Domini, Latin for “in the year of the Lord”) and CE (Christian or common era) in the literature. Be prepared to be confused, as more and more, you will see BCE and CE, because these tend to be religiously neutral in this day of political correctness. For the record, there is no Year Zero. Also, January 6, not December 25, is probably more accurate as his birth date, and 4 BCE was probably the year. But, who’s counting, since this could well all be a beautiful redaction, anyway.


The Dow Jones Industrials fell 37 to 10,627 and world markets all sunk. Everything went down, as gold slid $26/toz to $1126, and gold is now down to $80/barrel.


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