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Monday, January 18, 2010


I arrived in Seoul last night (Monday night) when the temperature was 20 degrees F, 60 degrees cooler than Honolulu. There is snow everywhere, with banks of plowed white stuff on the roadside. No, that's not me below.

How do I do this when I travel? The Great Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Il (that's him above) threatened to attack South Korea in a "sacred retaliatory battle." However, this was on page three of the Korea Times, so I guess they are not taking this too seriously. Worse, a major tropical storm is heading for next stop. I'll include more details tomorrow.

Anyway, the Dow Jones Industrials on Monday slipped 101 to 10, 610 but world markets were mostly up. Gold increased $7/toz to $1138 and oil is now at $78/barrel


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