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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last night I had a drink with tour friends at the Rex Hotel Rooftop Bar. Level 23 in our hotel and Saigon Saigon are the two best bars for city views, but the Rex is where Viet Nam war correspondents gathered. Enjoying the moment were Mark and Barb Kuhlmann (Missouri), Linda and George Galeener (who was a Los Angeles police officer, went back to school and taught literature, living now in Missouri), Steve and Patricia Weiner (Piedmont, California) and Curtis Lee (Honolulu). Curtis, who served just south and west of Da Nang, said that he yesterday had a photo taken with a town mayor who was once a Viet Cong in the same basic area, 42 years ago. You can forgive.

Today, we're off to the Presidential Palace, the Post Office and Amerian Consulate. More to come if I can again link with this blog site.

The Dow Jones Industrials snuck up 42 to 10, 236, just below the 10,252 of the Japanese Nikkei. World markets almost all went down. Gold dropped $10/toz to $1090 and crude oil has dropped below $74/barrel. Toyota is sunk 4% and Ford is looking good, now at 11.50, when it was as low as 1.50 nearly a year ago.

In addition to Tropical Cyclone Olga now dissipating in Northern Australia, there is now Tropical Cyclone 10 far to the east, plus Tropical Cyclone Eleven east of Mauritius and heading south and east.


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