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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This #1 rated airport is located 43 miles outside of Seoul on an island off the coast of the city of Incheon, third largest metropolitan area with a population of 2.5 million (next to Seoul and Busan, once spelled with a “P”). Inchon (now with an “e”) is where General Douglas MacArthur succeeded in a bold 1950 invasion to turn the tide of the Korean War. Inha University, as described in SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth, is located in this city.

Incheon Airport opened in 2001, replacing Gimpo (Kimpo) Airport, now serving domestic sites. ICN has a golf course (I actually saw golfers out in the sub-zero weather), a museum, spa, casino, transit hotel and a mass transit link with Gimpo and Seoul. A nine story hospital is being built to serve the airport and surrounding area. There are 74 gates, but expansion is already proceeding to have 128 gates by 2020. It is already Airbus 380 (up to 840 passengers) capable. Seventy airlines fly into ICN.

I spent some time in the Asiana Lounge.

Among the amenities are half a dozen relaxation rooms with massage chairs.

Tropical Cyclone Magda is up to cyclonic strength and will make landfall tomorrow along the Kimberley Coast.


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