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Thursday, April 12, 2018

SAKURA 2018: Day 9--Nagoya and Takayama

My day began with a 5AM wake-up call, something I absolutely detest.  However, I had to make a major schedule change.  I was supposed to go to Takayama on Saturday for their festival, but the current projection is for heavy rains that day.  So today involved three bentos and four trains.  My bullet train from Sendai to Tokyo.

Transferring to another Shinkansen to Nagoya, I got a beautiful view of Mount Fuji:

The train from Nagoya to Takayama:

Here are the three bentos, with the third one the best so far on this trip:

Good thing no one was sitting next to me, for I needed two tables.  The sashimi was chutoro and snapper.

On the way to Takayama, a Sakura mountain:

By showing up on a sunny Thursday, I missed the Takayama Hie Jinja Shrine, or, Sanno-sama.  This festival can be traced back to the 16th century.  The big deal is the collection of yatai, or festival floats.  I'm reading this notice as I'm creating this posting:

     If it rains, all festival ceremonies and performances will be cancelled.  

Wow, glad I came when I did, for there will be some serious rainfall on Saturday into Sunday.

Fortunately for me, the cherry blossoms were at peak:

I think this is a Sakura tree ready to bloom:

Takayama has an Old Town shopping area which rivals Kyoto in length.

Fully twelve hours after I left the Sendai Westin, I finally checked into the Marriott Associa, located right on top of Nagoya Station.  There are 53 floors, with a Concierge Lounge equal to that of the Tokyo Westin:

Tomorrow, Matsumoto Castle, and, hopefully, Pearl's Gold Koi.


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