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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

SAKURA 2018: Day 7--Yamagata

I'm halfway through my Sakura 2018 trip, starting with my usual fabulous breakfast at the Sendai Westin:

The local JR train from Sendai to Yamagata takes a bit more than an hour:

The cherry blossom spot of Yamagata is Kajo Park:

Other interesting sights:

The concierge at both Westins said that today was supposed to be the Sakura peak in Yamagata. Not close..  I think the best is a week away.  I now have a decision to make.  On my final Japan Rail Pass day, do I go to Nagano, or back to Yamagata?

On the train ride back there were interesting rocks in Yamadera:

Back in Sendai, I bought for $6 a one day Loople pass, a bus that takes you all around the city.  I took only one photo, at the Osaki Hachimangu Shrine:

I was so hungry at 3:30 PM that I dropped off to have lunner at Saizeriya:

THIS WAS MY BEST MEAL OF THIS TRIP SO FAR!!!  The spaghetti was perfectly al dente, with meat sauce.  The salad was just right and the spinach with ham was a nice touch.  I had a carafe of red wine and large mug of beer.  They actually played Italian music.  The service was efficient and friendly.  Sure, the Westin Guam $50 buffet was excellent, but there was something special about this Japanese pasta meal...or maybe I was so famished.  Okay, price?  You would think that the carafe of red wine alone would cost $12.  Hey, this is Japan.  Well, the entire lunner, with tax and no tip, cost me $12.  If you have a chance, go to Saizeriya, for there are more than 750 of these throughout the country.  Saizeriya celebrates 50 years of service this year.

This one was located in the long mall that starts a block away from the Sendai Westin and goes on for 2.5 miles, if the concierge here is right.

Next to Saizeriya is Aloha Hawaii:

Walking through the arcade I saw blue roses, although these were not the Suntory version, for their's is actually lavender:

But there were blue flowers:

I felt so good about the day that I stopped by a liquor shop and bought a bottle of Hakusho, for last year it won the Best Whiskey award for single malts:

But was it this one...and what was the cost?

Tomorrow, more sakura, and, perhaps, the best so far on this trip.


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