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Friday, April 13, 2018

SAKURA 2018: Day 10-- Matsumoto Castle...and Pearl's Gold Koi???

Ever have one of those days when things just did not go right, but you remained okay, for you were alive and mostly well?  My railway travel today was easy:  to Matsumoto and back to Nagoya, two hours each way.  However, I could not get a window seat for my free Marriott breakfast (which was, again, spectacular) and lost my walking cane.

A few Sakura along the way:

I walked up to Matsumoto Castle, reached the corner where Pearl's Gold Koi almost always waited for me, and...did not see her.  Disappointed, I confiscated a whole bench to have my hanami (lunch in the midst of cherry blossoms).

My Blue-bar Pigeon came by to greet me:

My lunch:

Zaru soba, with sticks of chicken and green onions and three maguro (tuna) sushi.  This is not a stable table, for when I opened the sushi, the plate tipped over and two of the fish pieces fell to the ground.  As I said, there were bad moments today.  It was cold, but tolerable.  My mind was on whether I would see that gold koi today.  

I began my walk around the moat and, having a couple of hours, went completely around the outside of the castle:

Note the swan under the bridge.  His mate was sitting on their eggs:

It must be two miles around the castle, and I was shoo'd away by security a couple times when I ventured into restricted areas.  I was just about giving up after more than an hour of searching.    Hey, this was just a fish, and it really made no sense for me to get so wrapped up about this kind of fantasy.

So, well, this seems too, too melodramatic to be real, but as  I made the complete circuit and got close to the spot where I normally saw that carp, I noticed that a crowd was getting ready to cross the street to walk back to the train station, and if I walked really fast I could make that light...when I thought I saw a gold fish:

See Pearl's Gold Koi to the left?  Yes, it was her.  What a relief...or should I say, joy!

Pearl's Gold Koi is rather small compared to most of others, which are mostly black.  My day was made.  My trip is now a success.

On the walk back to Matsumoto station, two more photos;

For three weeks in August into September, there is a Seiji Ozawa festival.  Matsumoto, too, though, has had some incidents, for in 1995 the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult "practiced" the release of sarin  here in Matsumoto, primarily to assassinate three judges overseeing a court case against them.  Eight died and 500 were affected.

In contrast a flower arrangement from one of the shops:

The trip back to Matsumoto was comfortable.  I took a bath in my room and went to the Concierge Lounge for my dinner:

My second course:

A most satisfying day.  This is why I came on this trip.


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