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Monday, April 9, 2018

SAKURA 2018: Day 6--Tokyo to Sendai

I've had breakfast at the Tokyo Westin more than a hundred times, and, a first this morning, a musubi maker:

You have choice of three kinds:  ume, fish eggs and salmon.  My breakfast:

I caught the bullet train express to Sendai from Tokyo Station.

My first Shinkansen bento, with sake and beer.  See that yellow string?  You pull it and wait ten minutes for the steak bento to heat up:

The rice was steaming hot.

I'm staying at the Sendai Westin.

My room view:

You can barely see that white statue to the right, but by telephoto:

Called the Sendai Daikannon, it is the sixth-talent statue in the world at 330 feet.  When built in 1991 it was THE tallest.  I might go visit her this time.

I went for a long walk to Nishi Park:

These trees all have white cherry blossoms.  A hanami is a picnic in the midst of cherry blossoms.  You can buy food and drinks from these stalls:

But most bring their own food.

I had so much to eat at breakfast and on the train that I had a very simple dinner in the Executive Club:

I enjoyed a beautiful sunset.    I can see Sendai Station from my room:

Tomorrow I train to Yamagata, which will be at peak Sakura.


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