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Friday, April 6, 2018

SAKURA 2018: Day 3--Guam Again

I took it real easy on my only day in Guam, and I paid not a penny for my meals.  Breakfast was free, and  I had lunch in my room mostly gifted by the hotel:

From left to right, Hotel Nikko, new Japanese hotel under construction by the owner of the Nikko, and the Lotte.

Here are a few things to think about if you plan to visit Guam:
  • Don't call the indigenous people,  the Chamorro, Chamorrons.  Something to do with an allusion to moron.
  • Tumon, where I'm staying, is known as Americaland, with resorts, luxury shopping and hamburgers.  The rest of Guam is different.
  • Apparently, taxis do overcharge.
  • The humidity is high and the temperatures are hot and hotter.

  • Buying a condom is an embarrassing adventure.
  • The one biggest thing on the island, which occurs on Sunday, is the Guam Marathon, sponsored by United Airlines.
  • However Guam is mostly Catholic, so Sundays are usually dead.
  • It is said that Guam has twice the number of churches/capita than the U.S.  Also, no doubt, massage parlors.
  • You buy something listed at $1.85, and you pay that amount.
  • Hafa Adai is a Chamorro greeting term, not "half-a-day is all you'll have left after you wait in line."
  • Life is slow.
At 5PM went to the Royal Beach Club Lounge on the top floor for free drinks and to see if the appetizers were adequate for dinner.

Had a steak sandwich with assorted snacks, plus a Johnny Walker Black Label on ice, Chilean red and Sapporo Beer.

I had planned on an Italian dinner if the lounge offering was too simple, but, nothing like a totally free meal day.  There is a magic show here called Magic Rocks.  Cost?  $85.  With dinner? $99 if you dine at Prego, or $110 if at Taste.  

Well, I'm off to Japan.


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