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Sunday, April 22, 2018

MY SATURDAY MORNING WALK: Blue Flowers and Shanghai Soup Dumplings

I have ten days left for this daily blog.  So why am I bothering to just report on my Saturday morning walk?  Over the past decade, I have taken pride in covering the totality of what occurs for Humanity on Planet Earth.  The articles featuring simple pleasures balance my efforts at seeking universal peace, establishing contact with extraterrestrial life and promoting the Blue Revolution.  Walk of Life by Dire Straits is also one of my favorites.  Click on it and imagine that this was a third of century ago at the Wembley.   They are a British band from London.

I use my Saturday morning walk into downtown Honolulu usually to have lunch, so that I can hike uphill back to 15 Craigside to maintain an optimal weight.  The future of our society is not as important as my personal health. 

My 32 years in my previous Craigside life averaged 5 to 7 hours of sleep.  When I moved into 15 Craigside, this period increased to 6-8 hours.  After my bout with flu earlier this year, I now am in the 7-9 hour range because I have more and more agreed with medical science that adequate sleep is as important as exercise and diet.

I never plan on a coordinated photo shoot during these Saturday treks.  Yesterday, however, blue flowers kept appearing.  While Jacarandas are more violet or purple, the tree growing adjacent to 15 Craigside had a bloom and looked/smelled wonderful:

Then a short distance from Zippy's:

Closer to Chinatown:

Speaking of blue, my Blue-bar pigeon showed the way up River Street:

Chinatown Cultural Plaza, where there is a pigeon home and loads of activity outside of Fook Lam:

I bought my usual cheap beer in the plaza.  Inside, Fook Lam was packed:

I sometimes order something new to go with my Shanghai Soup Dumplings.  This time it was Fish Dumplings:

Hennessey is the third best cognac under $60:

The best Cognacs under $60
  • 1) Remy Martin Mature Cask Finish.
  • 2) De Luze VSOP Fine Champagne.
  • 3) Hennessy Fine de Cognac.

Ah, the happiness of a Saturday walk into Chinatown Honolulu for Shanghai Soup Dumplings enhanced with Hennessey.


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