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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I get comments from readers who post on topics I now and then feature.  Today I will send you to two sites to expand on their efforts, and mine.

Last year in September I wrote on A NEW SOLUTION FOR DIABETES.  Danielle Stevenson of sent me a note and indicated people interested in this subject might want to access their blog site.  In particular, she sent me:

   Social Anxiety Disorder:  Test, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

from PSYCOM.

I can also recommend:
On their home page, they look into:
  • How to eat pasta when you have diabetes
  • Tips for fixing high morning blood sugars
  • How blood sugar impacts hearing
Aurora Chelo of SugarScience from the University of California at San Francisco read my posting on


and recommended

     12 Foods with Hidden Sugars:  #7 is a Real Eye Opener!

That #7 is iodized salt!  The rest are foods you all eat.  29 million people in America have diabetes and 54 million have pre-diabetes.

What is Sugar Science?  Click on that.  Have questions you want answered?  Click on this.  The key point is:


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