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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Thought I'd do you a big favor by inserting a second posting today, my final thoughts on the PyeongChang Winter Olympics:

  • I watched the men's curling team against Sweden for the gold.  At 12:45AM SFO time, USA was behind in the 5th end (or innings if baseball).  I fell asleep.  I still take partial credit for the 10-7 win.
  • Conversely, every time I saw a woman U.S. figure skater perform, she fell.  I thus stopped watching to improve their chances.  They still did poorly.  But those two teenagers from Russia were incredible.  15-year old Alina Zagitova got gold, while 18-year old Evgenia Medvedeva had to settle for the silver.  Alina was the second youngest Olympic gold medalist. Youngest?  Tara Lipinski in 1998.  She and Johnny Weir, a two-time winter olympian, made for a fine team at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

  • The highest cost ticket for all Winter Olympic games is the men's hockey championship, this year with Russia against Germany.  Yes, both the USA and Canada got beaten.  However, the second most expensive is the Figure Skating Exhibition Gala, where selected stars let their hair down and perform whatever they want and they will not be judged. Some will do tricks much too risky to attempt in competition.  In 1994 France's Surya Bonaly (right) landed a backflip on one skate, even though this is banned.  So tune in to NBC from 8-11PM EST tonight (Saturday), which begins at 5PM if you live in San Francisco, as I do today.

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