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Sunday, February 18, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO: Stanford Gang and Chinatown

I had a wonderful time in the final warm San Francisco day for probably some time to come.  Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature rose to 67F.  Hard to believe, but it might snow tomorrow in this general area.

About my Stanford gang, we are all acquaintances from Stanford University's class of '62. We have never participated in any formal class reunions, but have personally now then gotten together on campus, and usually in San Francisco, since they live there, or in Sonoma and Napa Valleys.  To the right Arroyo, where Bill, Jim and I met 60 years ago.

My first contact was with a seagull:

Then the Vallejo Ferry arrived at the Ferry Building dock, so we had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, Slanted Door (sorry Jim, this is the only group photo I have left, so next time I'll make sure you're not sleeping), located just where the ship came:

That's my pho.  This was the first Vietnamese meal for most of them, and they seem to have enjoyed the experience.  We then talked for a couple of hours at Philz Coffee (where every cup is specifically brewed for you), then at the nearby Hyatt.

Nice of them to come by and see me.  I then walked to Chinatown, first met by my Blue-bar Pigeon (got to give it a name):

They have the same mural art as in Kakaako.

Here are some photos of the Marriott Marquis, and note the combined fall colors on the wall and cherry blossoms:

You would think that the Chinese New Year parade, the largest outside China, would be this weekend.  However, that occurs in a week.  Plus there is the largest orchid show in the USA at the the Hall of Flowers from February 23-25.  I had this option remotely possible.  So I decided to stop by again at the Marriott Marquis during that period.  So Stanford Gang, let me know if anyone wants to join me.  Next, on to Las Vegas.


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