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Monday, February 5, 2018

SUPER BOWL VICTORS: Philadelphia and Pat

Okay, you all by now must know that the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 in one of the greatest games ever played.  But why is Pat also a victor?  That's me, and I'll explain why at the end of this posting.

Tom Brady of New England might have had the greatest quarterback performance in the history of football, and lost.  Nick Foles tossed three touchdown passes, threw for 373 yards, had an interception, but caught a touchdown pass and had no fumbles.  Brady also had 3 TD passes, but threw for 505 yards and led the Pats (that's Patriots) to more than 600 yards.  His fumble near the end of the game, however, was devastating.  Combined, the teams had 1151 total yards the most ever in any NFL game.

Some other interesting facts:
  • This was Philadelphia's first Super Bowl Championship.
  • New England lost in the Super Bowl for the fifth time, tying the Denver Broncos.
  • LeGarette Blount and Chris Long of the Eagles last year won Super Bowl rings with the Patriots.
  • The Patriots never punted, for the first ever in any Super Bowl.
  • Nick Foles was backup to Carson Wentz until he got hurt late in the season.  The previous second string QB to win the Super Bowl was Tom Brady in 2001.
  • That was Foles' first catch for a TD, ever.
  • Only 111.3 million watched, the lowest since 2009.
About Nick Foles:
  • He is 6 feet 6 inches tall.
  • While in high school, committed to Arizona State, then went to Michigan State, but transferred to the University of Arizona.
  • Drafted by the Eagles, but was traded to the St. Louis Rams in 2015, moving over to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016, and returned to the Eagles at the start of this season.
  • 29 years old and seriously contemplated retiring last year.
  • In 2013 he had a perfect passer rating (which is 158.3) in one game, tossing for 400 yards and seven touchdowns.
  • Has earned a master's of divinity from Liberty University and plans to become a pastor.
  • Here, celebrating with his 7-month old daughter Lily.
Here is one list of best three Super Bowl ads:

Now, about Pat, or me, and my victory.  I've been dabbling at fantasy sports for two decades.  More recently, I've only fielded Major League Baseball teams.  I dropped the NFL five years ago, and this year might have watched maybe two full games, both featuring Marcos Mariota of Hawaii.  Well, for no good reason I entered the CDM Sports fantasy competition for the playoffs, with the Super Bowl as Week 4.

I placed sixth nationally and won some money. 

Year-to-Date League Summary for League#22 
Statistics Through Week: 4 
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RankTeam NamePurYDsAVGYDsAVGYDsAVGScoringScoringPntsRankPnts
2Panzer`s Patriot037038.26610413.718229612.34481303173.0154450.5

There are 25 in each league.

Year-to-Date Overall Summary
Statistics Through Week: 4 
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Plain Text Printable Report Click here
RankTeam NameLeagPurYDsAVGYDsAVGYDsAVGScoringScoringPnts
3FREDERICKSBURG FLASH20036098.31610923.766265912.425763074716.0
4Ham Bone8037498.20411073.954215412.821923324709.5

Not sure how many entrants, but I would guess around 650.  First place in each league earned $250, while #'s 6-25 each overall got an extra $50.  Had I made it to fifth place, it would have been $100.  First place won $5,000.  I paid $40 to to earn $275.  This is very rare for me to actually win money.  It was a great Super Bowl.  My most economically successful ever.

 The baseball season starts in April, and I am now particularly energized to field a few teams.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today ended the day with its worst loss in history, down 1175, 4.6%, to 24,346.  Remember, on Friday, the Dow dropped 666 points.  Today, the plunge was as much as 1596, recovering more than 400 points:

Nothing to do with President Donald Trump, I don't think.  He did today call Democrats treasonous, but they've called him worse.   Why?  Something about  they not applauding enough at his State of the Union address. Interesting that he did not even mention this market collapse.  Something about inflation fears apparently triggered this stock market decline.

On the Dow Jones page was a last call for tickets to Elton John's farewell tour, which will be at Caesar's Place during my stay in Las Vegas next week.  Across the street from the Paris Hotel where I'll be staying.  Prices start at $341 and go up to $6300...for one seat.  No  rush, his Yellow Brick Road tour will go on for three years.


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