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Sunday, February 11, 2018


Cafe Miro in Kaimuki (Honolulu) is characterized as Asian, European, French and Japanese.  I would swear that when I first came here two decades ago, the specialty was Mediterranean.  This was my second experience, an outing of the Four Doors on the 12th floor of 15 Craigside.  One couple had been here before so did not participate.

Chef-owner Shigeru Kobayashi, originally from Kumamoto, Japan, trained in Avignon, France, so there is a Provencal feeling, not very fancy and relatively inexpensive, but hardly cheap.  The artwork features prints by Joan Miro of Spain.  And if you didn't know, Joan in Spain (mostly Catalan) and the Netherlands, is a male.

We started with perhaps the best vichyssoise I've ever had.  John and Deanna showing his appetizer:

Pat and Tom:

My fried oysters, absolutely terrific:

The rib-eye steak was terrible.  First, I did not order that sauce, and then they drowned the piece of beef.

I should have returned it, but instead, brought the steak home.  Having considerable experience enhancing meals I order out from the 15 Craigside dining room in my kitchen, I was enthusiastic about doing something worthwhile with this disaster.   Our table:

John's dessert tray and my creme brule':

The CB was outstanding, but about three times too much for me.  All in all a good outing.  I can highly recommend Cafe Miro, but don't order the steak inundated with any kind of sauce.  Also, highly consider John's choices.

Our group next will go to Senia.  Tomorrow, I continue my future energy series.

I might add that the flawed steak I doggy-bagged, with hirame (flounder) sashimi and myoga (Japanese ginger), became an above average dinner last night on my lanai.

The bottom photo is the shadow my basil plants cast at sunset.


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