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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


After my arduous ordeal last week, it was a pleasure to wake up in the morning with absolutely nothing to do.  I lulled in bed so that I actually slept for eight hours.  I had a fruit and cereal breakfast, completed my blog for that day and asked myself what I wanted to do.

Today, I will refrain from trying to Save Planet Earth and Humanity.  I will instead just capriciously enjoy life.  I thus decided to pick up a lunch and go to Magic Island.  So here I am with my Kentucky Fried Chicken and beer lunch:

I tried a new flavor, Nashville Hot Sauce.  A bit overpowering.  I could hear and feel the pounding waves and the view was spectacular:

Directly above, a look at the modern Kakaako from the ocean.  I've recently been featuring my home village, so if you want to see what it looks like today in detail, click on:

To the extreme right of the photo, the just completed Ala Moana Park Lane condos.  According to this page, apartments go from $1.7 million to nearly $10 million.  I remember as a kid playing on this site of coral landfill.  When it rained, somehow, tadpoles appeared...millions.  Do we have frogs in Hawaii?  Continuing:

I feel rewarded because after I came home to do this posting, I ran into a glitch on my University of Hawaii e-mail.  Dayna from HNEI solved the problem, and in the process I removed 10,324 cookies.  My home computer now seems to work so much better.  Mind you, when you lose your cookies, some bad things can happen...but there are always solutions.

Tonight, dinner with two friends I worked with in Senator Spark Matsunaga's office nearly four decades ago, Ed and Christine.  Ed's mother is a resident at 15 Craigside.  They still live in Washington, D.C.  Then tonight, poker. (On the last hand, I won $10 and minimized my losses.)  I love a day like this of general decadence and relative success.

Having just returned from an energy conference, I feel compelled to next post on this subject.  So tomorrow, I return to the purpose of this blog site and focus on the current state of energy, completing my prognosis with yet another glimpse into the future of energy on Friday.

Let me close with a stock market indicator called VIX, or Volatilty IndeX.  A VIX of ten means stability.  When you shoot past 25, exciting things happen.  The VIX approached 40 when the Dow Jones Industrials went up and down by a hundred points in a minute on the highest one day loss ever a couple of days ago:

Of the 100 all-time highest VIXes, 92 occurred during the financial crisis of 2008 into 2009.  The ten highest VIX highs occurred in October and November of 2008, ranging from 75 to almost 90.


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