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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

LAS VEGAS: Paris Hotel

I'm now staying at the very ornate Paris Hotel, owned by Caesar's Entertainment, which also has seven golf courses and over 50 hotels and casinos, including neighbors Planet Hollywood and Bally's.  Doing well, huh?  Well, they filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015.  That's the view from my hotel room.

The history traces back to 1937 when Bill Harrah opened a small bingo parlor in Reno (here with his father), and wends through Holiday Inn (the hotel), purchase of Caesars in 2005 for $10.4 billion and, now The Linq, in the section where the main hotels are located.  There is continuous hybridization occurring.  Caesars just celebrated his 80 years on the Strip.  He passed away at the age of 66 in 1978.

Harrah created the Nevada Gambling Control Board in 1955, then the Gaming Commission in 1959 to remove corruption.  He was the first to remove all color and gambling barriers in American casinos.  The highest Total Rewards Card Tier, SEVEN STARS, is named after his seven wives, which included Bobby Gentry, who made Ode to Billy Joe famous.  He was 57 and she, 25, filing for divorce in five months.  Gentry herself married three times, each lasted less than a year, the final one forty years ago.  At the age of 73 she now supposedly lives a two-hour drive from the Tallahatchie River bridge that made her fame.

Paris Hotel opened on 1 September 1999 with Catherine Deneuve flipping the switch to first turn on the lights.  There is an underground passage connecting the hotel to Bally's, which is linked to the Las Vegas Monorail.  Their headline singer since 2008 has been Barry Manilow.  During the past decade, marketing has focused on gay/lesbian travelers.  There clearly is a second foci, for the hotel TV system has ten Chinese stations.  In the film 2012, this hotel and the rest of the Strip is destroyed, and Godzilla 2014 has wingless MUTO demolishing the Eiffel Tower replica here.

My brother Dan arranged for our family living in the area to have lunch at Joyful House:

That's my brother to the left, but that's enough detail for now:

Dan and I would probably have gone to see Chicago if this was not their dark night, so he dropped me off after lunch.  I first went to the shop at the Paris and a small bottle of Dewar's White Label was $32, with a tiny bottle of cheap red wine at $11, so went for a walk where I found CVA next to this property.  They own Long's in Hawaii.  What a difference.

Here are photos of Las Vegas' Eiffel Tower (540-foot tall, half scale from the original--original plans called for a replica, but that would have interfered with nearby McCarron Airport) from Las Vegas Boulevard, with Caesars Palace across the street and Bellagio/Casears from my hotel room:

That small, shiny bleb is a reflection of the room TV, which is smaller than the ones they had at the Marriott Marquis and California hotels.  Then at night:

Note the waxing crescent moon just above the Bellagio to the left of the Eiffel Tower.

Tomorrow, the World Aquaculture Society Conference begins at the Paris Hotel.


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