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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


King George III of the British Empire ruled for more than 59 years (which was the longest for an English monarch until Queen Elizabeth, now in her 66th year), during which period America won independence and Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, although by then his son was running the country.  Wellington's Victory by Beethoven, as much as it has been panned, remains the music I most play after many of my "victories."  And, Ludwig van just incorporated God Save the King and Marlborough s'en va-t-en guerre, also known as The Bear Went Over the Mountain, into the piece.  Tchaikovsky later did the same, using La Marseillaise in his 1812 Overture.  I guess you can do that if you're a famous composer.

The play and movie (Rotten Tomatoes 93/80), The Madness of King George, depicted his mental decline.  But, after all, when the life expectancy in England around the American Revolution was only 35,  no wonder that he suffered from dementia, blindness and near deafness, for he was 81 when he passed away.

But getting around to the details of how King George III's life relates to President Donald Trump, there is, actually, very little, except for the madness part, perhaps.  III probably suffered from an inherited flaw, porphyria.  Trump's problem is mental premature ejaculation.  Can you imagine He ruling the USA for 59 years?  Of course, at 130, he would then become the oldest person who ever lived, and at least one law will need to be changed for this too happen.

I need not go into the details of Trump's first 50 or so days, for the media have done this well.  Let me, thus, quote three columnists.  First, from Froma Harrop:

One bright spot for Trump has been the stock market. Stock prices have risen about 10 percent since the election. Such exuberance, however, must be tempered by history. The Dow Jones industrial average rose by about 25 percent in the same weeks after the election of Herbert Hoover. Eight months later, on Oct. 24, 1929, the bottom fell out.

Maureen Dowd, entitled, Mad Trump and Happy W.:

When he froths about crowd size like a bus-and-truck “Caine Mutiny,” when he compares the intelligence community to Nazi Germany and labels the press “the enemy of the American people,” when he insists that black is white and night is day and makes up whoppers about voter fraud, the body politic’s defenses go up on alert against the Trump virus.

Finally, Peter Silverstone asks:  Is Donald Trump bad, mad - or both?

Tropical Cyclone Ewano has strengthened to 140 MPH and is just about crashing into Madagascar:


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