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Friday, March 31, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 5B On the Matter of Donald Trump and My Accident with a Toto Washlet

I should warn you that tomorrow is April 1, or April Fool's Day, in much of this world.  Watch out for those idiotic stories and jokes.  If you're wondering if this second posting today is in the spirit of an April Fool's Eve is April 1 in Japan.

Something Hillary Clinton would have loved to say, but was awkward enough to merely mis-state the fact, it occurred to me that there are mostly two kinds of Americans:
  • Those who hate / fear / (use your own pejorative) President Trump.
  • Others who have significant character flaws such that they can justify actually supporting him.
If any of you out there somehow feels insulted, do yourself a life-changing favor.  Look inwardly, realize your blunder / confusion / lapse/ (or something similar), and begin to redeem yourself.  For the sake of the country, Humanity and Planet Earth, it is not too late.

On this note, I took a photo of the Toto Washlet in my JR Kyushu hotel:

Would you be able to use this device faced with these options, which you can't understand?  This reminds me of a time long, long ago...say three decades, when I found myself in a conference with Toyota officials in Nagoya.  I excused myself to use the bathroom and was essentially faced with this same enigma.  I don't understand Japanese.

I pressed the wrong button and water shot up to the ceiling and down on me.  If I had the brilliance to slam down the cover, the damage would not have been so embarrassing.  After drying myself off as best as I could, I re-entered the meeting room, expecting the group of black-suited and tied officials to at least react in some way.  Not a semblance of a smirk.  Toto (a company not related to Toyota) was experimenting with their washlet in those days and, apparently, many foreign visitors experienced this same accident.

Tomorrow:  Nagasaki Peace Park and my tonkatsu lunch.


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