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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Until I come up with a better acronym, PaGA2017, for Pat's Global Adventure 2017, will suffice.  Today, I begin my 42-day world journey to Japan, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, Munich, DC, San Francisco, Palo Alto and a week of golf near Napa Valley.  Remember Around the World in 80 Days (this is Jackie Chan's full movie) when Phileas Fogg gained an extra day by going east?  Well, I actually lose a day by heading west, so I will be away for 43 days.

Someone asked me, what do these around the world trips cost?  Basically, if you fly first class and stay at the finest hotels, you could buy a Lexus Hybrid.  I've done that twice--the travel part--meaning I could have afforded this new sportier version to the right.  Business Class would get you a new Toyota Prius, while Coach, a Honda Fit.  My Fit is now 9 years old, and it would have made a lot more sense to get a new Prius than go on this trip.

On this itinerary, I've attempted to minimize stress by avoiding China (Hong Kong does not require a visa, and the air pollution is tolerable), India, Africa and South America.  There is that petulant Kim Jung Un, but his latest rockets fizzled.

My 8-hour ANA flight from Honolulu to Narita will soon depart:

From Tokyo I will catch the Japanese Bullet Train for two weeks using Japan Railpass to follow the Cherry Blossom blooms.  The season opened a few days ago, so I should be there at the peak.

Tropical Cyclone Debbie will make landfall near Queensland Tuesday morning, perhaps as a Category 2:


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