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Friday, March 31, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 5A Hiroshima to Nagasaki

A good day to review things.  First, last month 60,004 visited this blog site.  That's about 2,000/day.  The highest ever.  Second, I can have a modest breakfast:  Minestrone soup, croissant, slice of bread, cappuccino and orange juice.

I plan to have a major bento on the way to Nagasaki.

At 4.69%, Stanford University is the most difficult to gain acceptance in the USA.  However, the front page of The Japan News today indicated that only 40 of 1042 applicants were accepted into the Takarazuka Music School.  That's 3.8%.  By the way, The Japan News is the former Yomiuri Shimbun, and, while The Japan Times teams with The New York Times, the former links with The Los Angeles Times.  These are the English language daily papers in Japan.

However, there is always the more elite in life:

  • An internship at NBC has a 4.6% selection rate.
  • Want to work for hedge fund Citadel?  You got a 3% chance.
  • Hunter College Elementary School only selects 25 girls and 25 boys from an applicant list of 2500, so they're down at 2%.
  • Want to get a Green Card to stay in the USA?  The odds at 2%.
  • Minerva Schools receive 16,000 applicants for 306 places, or 1.9%.  They stay at 7 resident houses throughout the world during their four years of college.
  • Want to protect President Trump?  Our Secret Service accepts 1% of applicants.
  • Care to attend the Indian Institute of Management?  Around 174,000 annually apply, and the acceptance rate is just below 1%.
  • NASA's class of 2017 selected 15 future astronauts from 8.300 applicants = 0.8%.
  • Say you wish to get a job at Google.  Your chances are 0.4%.  By the way, Google operates this blog site.

I caught the Sakura from Hiroshima to Shin-Tosu and had a nice bento.  The sake came from the Hiroshima Sheraton and the Premium Yamazaki soda from the Tokyo Westin.

One of the problems about transferring from the Bullet Train to a local is that you sometimes need to wait outdoors where the wind and cold can be uncomfortable.  It was freezing today.

Yesterday was actually getting warming with few clouds.  Today, it was raining all day. But all went well and I arrived in Nagasaki to be greeted by a dragon.

Two minutes from the train gate was the JR Kyushu Hotel.  Here is the view from the elevator close to my room.  I think this track is right under my room.

I thought I would be paying $150/night, for two nights, but I showed my Japan Rail Pass, and they said the price would be $150 total.  I might add that all the hotels I've stayed in thus far have the upgraded Japanese toilets (that give you two kinds of showers), an array of amenities in the bathroom and internet that is faster than at home.  The TV sets also have higher definition.

There is a shopping mall adjacent to my hotel with a large market.  I thought I'd have an international meal in my room:

American chicken, Belgian beer and Japanese wine.  This whole meal cost less than $15.  I bought this beer mainly because Heineken was cheaper than Asahi or Kirin.  I thought some food items were also reasonable.  For example:

I'm here in Nagasaki for two main reasons:  their peace park and tonkatsu.  This rather large tonkatsu (pork cutlet) bento only costs $2.66 (112 Yen to the dollar today).  Quite a fancy package of sushi only for $7:

Plastic bags are free if small, but less than 2 cents for middle and large sizes:

Tomorrow, the peace park and my special tonkatsu lunch.


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