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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

PEARL'S ASHES: Chapter 9 Kauai

For those new to this blog site, every Wednesday I publish a new chapter of my upcoming book:  Pearl's Ashes.  If I seem to be skipping around dropping off her ashes, that is because I originally only had three sites in mind:  Taj Mahal, Mount Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu.  These were places she wanted to visit but never did, because I wasn't interested.  

To celebrate her life on the Big Island soon after her passing, while painfully organizing the containers and capsules, with the excruciating task of transferring her ashes into them, I decided to also include other sites worthy of consideration.  Thus, the primary three locations are interspersed with more mundane, yet meaningful, loci.  The chapters thus represent a chronological series of ceremonies.

While she is from the Big Island, Kauai was where we mostly lived the first year of our marriage, and therefore might have been our most memorable stop.  At the Kilauea Sugar Company where I was a trainee, we were provided a cottage with the slippery slide location of the movie South Pacific (right, where Bloody Mary sang Happy Talk to Liat, played by France Nuyen--and, amazingly enough, Pearl looks just like her, and they were even born in the same year--and Lt. Cable) as our backyard. Below in 1963 with Pepper, a mostly german shepherd she raised from 6 weeks old.  He was so large that the only way I could wash him was to throw a stick into the river, which he retrieved, so I soaped him and threw the stick back into the water.  It just occurred to me that a slight deviation of his swim pattern or stronger current could have swept him over the falls.

At a slightly different angle, Misa Tamura took a photo of me at this waterfall in 2011,  I could not quite get to the above location, but here is where I dropped PA#13.  

Misa was the son-in-law of the gentleman mentioned in my search for Kenjiro's (name of my grandfather, who more than a century ago helped build a hydroelectric facility for this region) roots.  To the right is Misa, then at the age of 92, at the gravestone Mr. Yoshimoto and his friends uncovered in 1963 of Kenjiro Takahashi (my middle name is Kenji, so I was named after him).  Click on that above link to read the details.

My trip to Kauai in 2011 was to accompany my freshman roommate, Jim, here with Kathy and her son Chris.  A spectacular sunset of Hanalei Bay from my room at the St. Regis.  Here is where I tossed PA#14.

This where Lt. Cable first landed in South Pacific, followed by Bloody Mary singing Bali Hai.  A lot of movies have been filmed on Kauai, and just a couple of months ago I visited 25 production sites (60 films in all emanated from this island).

Next Wednesday, Chapter 10, Bangkok.

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