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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Over the next couple of weeks I will post on the following topics:

1.  Humans are the main cause of ocean's alarming rise, according to Justin Gillis of The New York Times.  By 2100 our seas could elevate by 3 to 4 feet.  While this would take millennia, my posting of 27 August 2014 indicates that if all the ice melts, the oceans would rise by up to 250 feet.  Could be higher if temperatures continue to increase.  Florida would disappear.

2.  When I was a senior at McKinley High School, the USS Gudgeon (named after a small freshwater minnow), an American submarine, arrived back at Pearl Harbor this week in 1958 to become the first submarine to circumnavigate the globe.  The trip took eight months and went 25,000 miles.  Maybe this inspired me, for I have now taken a dozen or so around the world trips, none in a submarine, although, perhaps on a cruise line beginning in January of 2018.  

3.  Edin Mehic was fined $77 for decency violation, that is, burping in Prater Park, Vienna.  A bar worker, he said this was caused by a kebab with too much onion.  He said he will appeal.  It appears that a loud belch flash mob is being planned for this coming Saturday near the scene of the crime.

Singapore invoked a chewing gum ban in 1992, which was adjusted to allow for therapeutic gums in 2004.  The fine remains $500-$1000 for a first offense.  Spitting in public also can cost you $500.  Only $150 if you don't flush a public toilet.  Hundreds of undercover police officers issue these fines on the spot.  That's the Marina Bay Sands below:

4.  On 9 February 2016 I posted that Eddie would go.  Well, it (now a surfing competition, named after Eddie Aikau) did not.  The deadline is by the end of February.  However, following up on messy 55 foot waves yesterday, another giant series is expected on Thursday, so Eddie might then go.  This was the crowd that gathered on February 10 at Waimea Bay when Eddie didn't.

Tropical Cyclone Winston, after killing at least 29 in Fiji, remains at 80 MPH, will soon weaken and turn west toward Brisbane:


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