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Sunday, February 28, 2016


For the past few years I have seen around 100 films/year, two-thirds in theaters, the rest mostly at home on TV.  An incredibly idiotic statistic is that I've now been subscribed to Netflix for four years at around $9/month, and, at most, watched a total of ten films.  It's mostly that I had so much difficulty linking that I don't want to go through the process again.  And I keep telling myself that I will someday soon watch more movies.  Almost the same for Amazon Premium, for which I pay the same amount to catch, at most, 10 flicks/year.  But at least I do order stuff from Amazon.

Now that I have established my self as a dumb authority on this subject, let me proceed to the Academy Award ceremony.  First the Oscars are popular, but nothing close to the Super Bowl:  around 40 million viewers compared to more than 100 million.  The Big Bang Theory reaches 21 million /week, while American Idol hit a high of 38 million with its second year finale, but now has difficulty exceeding 10 million/week.  A Super Bowl ad costs $5 million for 30 seconds, while the Academy Awards might be up to $2.2 million this year for a 30-second spot.  Thus, the $/viewer reached is about the same.

The big three entertainment awards shows come within weeks of each other, and Oscar dominates:

Note from the top line that you don't get that many ads during the Academy Awards, with the top sponsors being:

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony tonight will be hosted by Chris Rock at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, and you know racial equality will keep coming up.  There is an assortment of pre-show options, but the real ABC Red Carpet program begins at 7PM (2PM Hawaii time) on ABC, with the ceremony starting at 8:30PM (3:30PM Hawaii).  If you wish to view on smartphones, tablets and the like, click on this.  Not in the USA?  Try this.  If you have five different TV systems in your room, you can go to four alternative channels to view something called Oscars Backstage being screened in parallel with the main stage.  Here are some options if you got this far, but want to boycott the 88th.  

I won't be summarizing everything here.  For the full list of nominees, go to The Oscars, but here are my highlights:  
  • I somehow missed two of the eight films up for consideration.  
  • The Revenant has 12 nominations, with Mad Max 10.
  • I'lll be shocked if Leonardo DiCaprio does not get the Best Award Oscar.
  • If I did this right, you can click on any film and get the details, including the trailer (but you'll need to agonize through the commercial)
Not one of the ten music nominations means anything to me.  A few selections from the past:

I knew every song, still do, and those were from six decades ago.  Some recent winners:
Actually, the selections have recently been improving, with Adele's Skyfall in 2012 okay and Let It Go from Frozen in 2013 at least somewhat recognizable.  Well, to many much younger than me, anyway.  

The clear favorite this year is Till It Happens to You by Lady Gaga from The Hunting Ground.  She will perform this song tonight.  Chances are she will look almost normal.  The film earned 93% reviewers' and 80% audiences' ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.  One of the few movies I missed this year.

Still want more?  From 8:30PM in Hawaii there will be the 11th annual Jimmy Kimmel After the Oscars show with Ben Afleck.  Can you believe Jimmy will be 50 next year, has had his own show now for 13 years and was with Ben Stein almost 30 years ago?


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