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Sunday, April 19, 2015


For our second dining outing, 14 of us at 15 Craigside went to 53 by the Sea for lunch:

There are two chapels and a lot of Japanese weddings are hosted here.  Sitting on the site of the former John Dominis, the view was spectacular:

The group, with Cookie at the end:

To my left, Pepper and Eric checking out her chicken salad:

Eric was just selected as the next president of 15 Craigside.  To his left is Paula, who with Pepper and I, constitute the Dining Out Committee.

Each meal came with this "free" assortment of appetizers above.  Some also ordered additional beginnings, like lobster bisque and shrimp:

Henry and Audrey with Henry's shrimp.  Florence (to her right is Mabel, admiring the crustacean) with a lobster:

Here a giant sushi of sashimi and crab:

That steak above was mine.  I started with a Mai Tai to prepare me for my Monday night table (for those who don't follow this blog site, this past Monday we featured Bloody Marys with five different types of vodka) tomorrow, then a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (which cost an inflated $19).   They only had filet listed, which I don't particularly like, so I asked Courtney (leftwho did an excellent job serving us) if there were other beef options.  She looked into it and came with a rib eye, which was way less than terrific, but I appreciated the consideration.  The crispy garlic on top was a treat.  There was something especially tasty about that tablespoon of mashed potatoes.  

The meal came with a superb "free" dessert assortment:

There was a general sense that this outing was better than our Hy's experience, which we highly rated.  A week from now we go to Royal Garden at the Ala Moana Hotel, and will be sat at their table of 14, where the total corkage charge for the night will be $25, no matter how many bottles we bring.  Do I come with the standard JohnnyWalker Black or upgrade to a Platinum?  The occasion will not justify a Blue.  I earlier this month posted on:  THE BEST SCOTCH IN THE WORLD TODAY.


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