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Friday, April 24, 2015


A third of a century ago when I was working in the U.S. Senate, I promised myself that when I returned to Hawaii I would spend my Friday lunches at the beach.  Well, I didn't exactly do that, but today is Friday and I thought I'd buy a bento lunch, bring a bottle of beer and sit in a recliner under a coconut tree to watch surfers and Diamond Head on Magic Island:

Here is another view.  I'm having my lunch of chicken nishime and shoyu pork above the "n" on Magic Island.  The surfing is occurring at the "K" representing Kahanamoku Beach.  Some wedding photos are being taken, and Diamond Head is hazy because of the volcanic haze emanating from the Big Island.  This must be a belated honeymoon, for a small child is with them.

The waves were head high and the Hawaii Surfing Association State Championships were being held.  Just as I was beginning my meal, a  babbling homeless person walked up and stood a few feet from where I was sitting.  I thought of giving him my bento plate, but he walked away.  I thought I was thus safe, but fifteen minutes later he came back, but seemed preoccupied with taking to himself, then again walked away.  There are flaws in paradise.

There were, of course, weddings.  They drive up in stretch white limousines:

Yes, I should do this more often.

My bento came from Don Quixote, which is a Japanese department-type store.  I noticed a wagyu Chuck Steak for $14/pound, so bought it with a plate of sashimi:

As this was a Japanese steak dinner, I had a Kirin Beer and some Nigori (unfiltered) Sake.  The meat was well marbled, but, seriously, this is a piece of Chuck Steak.  It was mostly tough, but there were portions of tenderness, and the taste leaned in the direction of the $57/pound Japanese wagyu steak I had in February.  I might try experimenting with this steak in the future.


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