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Monday, April 6, 2015

COUNTRY #218: South Sudan

Welcome country #218, South Sudan, a new country established in 2011 after 99% voted for separation from Sudan.  In case you're wondering how I have had more visitors than nations with membership in the United Nations, there are 243 Google domains.  Anyone with contacts living in my missing 25, please go to the bottom of this posting and ask them to click on this blog site.*

 The New York Times reported that "South Sudan is in many ways an American creation, carved out of war-torn Sudan in a referendum largely orchestrated by the United States, its fragile institutions nurtured with billions of dollars in American aid."

  • The president is Salva Kiir Mayardit (above with Secretary of State John Kerry).  
  • While the Nile runs through the country, it is landlocked.
  • Poverty is widespread.
  • Running water is scarce. 
  •  98%of government revenues come from oil.  
  • Inflation rate is 79%.
  • Is a member of the United Nations.
  • Population of 8 million.
  • Child marriage rate is 52%.
  • 9,000 child soldiers are involved in the civil war.
  • The official language is English.
  • In some sections, there is one doctor for 500,000 people.
  • More than 90% live on less than $1/day.
  • Manute Bol, a Dinka, at 7'7", was the tallest player in the NBA.  His mother was 6'10" and father 6'8".  Here with Muggsy Bogues:

As mostly terrible as the above seems, there is tourism.  

Of course, King Solomon's mines are mythical, but if real, then the possible locations include Israel, Jordan, Ethiopia, Zambia, the Congo....and...perhaps, South Sudan.  Mind you, there could have been more than one.  Here is a scene from the 1950  King Solomon's Mines (got a 92% reviewers' rating from Rotten Tomatoes):

Remember the movie David (he slew Goliath) and Bathseba (Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward--Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave it an 80% rating)?  Well, they were the parents of Solomon, but only after particularly fiendish circumstances:

The story of David's seduction of Bathsheba, told in 2 Samuel 11, is omitted in Chronicles. The story is told that David, while walking on the roof of his palace, saw Bathsheba, who was then the wife of Uriah, having a bath. He immediately desired her and later made her pregnant...but this was not Solomon, who came later.

So David

...gave the order to his general, Joab, that Uriah should be placed in the front lines of the battle, where it was the most dangerous, and left to the hands of the enemy (where he was more likely to die). David had Uriah himself carry the message (here David handing that letter to Uriah) that ordered his death. After Uriah was dead, David made the now widowed Bathsheba his wife.

So Solomon was the result of his father murdering his mother's first husband.  In addition to his possibly famous mines, Solomon is also known for his wisdom:

...known as the Judgment of Solomon, two women came before Solomon to resolve a quarrel over which was the true mother of a baby. When Solomon suggested they should divide the living child in two with a sword, one woman said she would rather give up the child than see it killed. Solomon then declared the woman who showed compassion to be the true mother, and gave the baby to her.

According to The Bible, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.  How did I get from South Sudan to King Solomon?  Not sure, but much of the above surely is fascinating and mostly revelations to me,

Potential Super Tropical Cyclone Joalane in the Indian Ocean is now at 90 MPH, but will strengthen into a Category 5.  The predicted track completely misses Mauritius, but could still threaten Rodriguez:

Thousands of miles east is Tropical Cyclone Ikola, which could reach Category 3 strength, but is projected to weaken before possibly making landfall near Perth, Australia:

*  Here are my missing Google domains:

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